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To The Doveglion

I once strove, to write
with commas, the same
way you did, so
eloquently as if
combining salt and pepper to stale
meat – add just enough to
entice. Receive a natural, gustatory
high that would linger for days.

Uplift — like feathers does to a bird. Oh!
I have almost forgotten — wings.
But on some days, when there is
largesse in the shape of crowns
inyour hands, and you sprinkle in
just a little bit too much of salt,
you put in too much taste until it is tasteless.
But nothing a little bit of pepper
could fix.


Looking Glass

First poem for 2015.

An eye staring at an eye,

one is sure and the other

sad and decieving

hiding something


like the glass on a mosaic

smashed and broken

bleeding in streams of red

the color of joy and sacrifice

unfurled in a knowing smile

But the other does not know

that the face beyond the glass

is the same as the one looking.

Soo… do I have any chance of making it as a poet? 😀