Monthly Archives: July 2015

Why I Giggle Like A Schoolgirl

Been really busy with work lately. We’ve been receiving a lot of manuscripts, and a lot of manuscripts also means more editing/proofreading work for me. But I’m not complaing. Surprisingly, I’m enjoying the work more than I initially expected.

But here’s what’s really keeping me bouncy, I’ve just been accepted into the Creative Writing graduate program of one of the more, let’s just say prominent, universities in my place. After being denied entry into my alma mater (because I had failing grades in Math… fuck Math! And both Human and Neuro Anatomy. I was supposed to be in Med school you know… :D), I thought I would get the same results in the other schools I applied to. I thought, if my school had such high standards, then surely, the others would have the same, if not higher.
Then I received an email from one of the universities I applied to, telling me that I was scheduled for an interview, then during the interview I was told I got in, mainly because of my writing merits and my boss’s/former professor’s highly commendable recommendation. The interviewer also said that joining writing contests was a sign of dedication, and receiving recognition meant that I had the potential.
I was so happy that I couldn’t stop myself from giggling. I even had to excuse myself from the department head, saying that I really do giggle like a schoolgirl on ecstasy when I was happy. And I was happy. It was at that moment that I realized that yes, it isn’t always about the grades we receive.

Anyway, I can’t wait to train under the tutelage of some of the country’s best fictionists, poets, and playwrights.