Love, Lie Still…

Valentine’s Day is over, but since February is considered as the month of love, I believe that it is appropriate to share this wonderful poem written by none other than the “Love Woman” herself, Ophelia A. Dimalanta. 

Love, Lie Still…

What the body wants
Is the fecundity of forests
And not the forgetfulness
Of sedatives, the hinterlands’
Brief spreading, fluffs of clouds
Alighting noiselessly
Upon the shanks of space,
Skies shaped upon awnings
Of nights, bland breasts
Inevitably resting upon mindless
Hands… just there, serenely
Dreaming, so naturally together.

This unthinking laying of flesh
Upon flesh is honest speech
Caught still in the middle
Of a lie… this is the beginning
Of the truest voyage to the other
Secret zones, access into
The most intimate places.
Let us lie no more, glaze, pad up,
Camouflage in various subterfuges
The color of our helplessness.

Let us be sane before
We even start to dissemble,
Pick up from this erstwhile
Void as if we never minded.
Let this wilderness in us
Not ever begin to seek a clearing,
Knowing the impossibility
Of discerning the line
Between the lie of silences
And the truth of utterance,
The lie of naked complicity
And the declarations of sheathed faiths.

Let us lie, still as time,
Conspirator,stands by
As still, looking smugly
Shrewdly the other way.

Let us not ever speak again
Of the fictions and collusions
Of true love so-called;
Our instincts have been punished
Enough; let us now get on
With our lives and ever
So quietly naturally move
Into each other, and
Into the heart of need.

About the poet:

Ophelia A. Dimalanta (1932-2010) was a poet, writer, editor, and teacher. Being one of the Philippines’ premier writers, she has published books on poetry, prose, drama, and literary criticism.


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