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POVs: First Person or Third Person?

I am currently in a dilemma.

Nearly five years ago, I started writing down a story which was inspired by a dream. It’s a fantasy story that contained goblins and dragons. Very LOTR-ish in its setting, but not quite.

In the original document, I was able to type down around sixty pages, nearly fifty-thousand words. But then, college came up, and I had to abandon it.

So it remained untouched in my laptop, until the old thing died and I had to get myself a new one. I thought the copy was lost forever, but around three or two years ago, a friend of mine asked me how my “novel” was getting along. I told him about what happened, and he told me that he still had a copy of it in his computer (apparently, he was among the few who I sent it to when I was asking for critiques).

To make this very long intro short, I now have the copy and I am planning to continue it. But first, I believe that it is need of serious re-writing.

When I started that story, I had knew nothing about writing in general. The technicalities of it, its form etc… etc… It wasn’t until two years ago – when I finally took the path of being a writer — that I was made aware of these things. Now, I know better. And I think I can tighten a very loosely told tale.

My only problem is, I do not know if I should continue writing it in third-person or if I should revert to first-person. It is an adventure story with a female protagonist, and according to my sister (who is also an avid reader) it would sound better told in first-person. However, my friend said that it would be better told in third-person, because it was an adventure story, so everything must be explained in detail. Something which a first-person narrative might fail to do. Then, there’s my teacher/mentor’s opinion. According to him, it doesn’t matter. The story would dictate how it is supposed to be written.

I tried writing it using both perspectives, and in my opinion, I think both works great. But still, I am not sure. Personally, I am a fan of third-person POV narratives, that’s why most of my fiction are written using this POV. Most of my fiction that use the first-person POV tend to be romance-YAL-chicklit types. But this one is an adventure/fantasy/thriller so, I am unsure of what POV would work best.

If you have any insight or advice about what POV is best, please do share it. It would be an honor to hear about what other writers think about this matter.

Thank you for reading.


Riddle Me Baby

I always liked riddles. But it wasn’t until reading “The Hobbit” many years back that I considered composing my own. That little scene where Bilbo and Gollum battled it out through riddles really got to me. I even used some of the riddles towards my friends (no one was ever able to answer any of it, they even thought that I was very clever to have come up with those riddles).

Anyway, I would like to share these riddles that I made back when I was fifteen (I’m in my early twenties now). They’re really very simple, as I made them when I was young and knew less about writing and whatnot. Care to try to answer them?

“Soft and shapeless I begin,

but if you expose me to earth, fire and wind

up, up, high I rise

hard on the outside, soft on the inside.”

Answer: ________________

“This bag I weave becomes my home,

on which I take shelter from the storm

rain or shine, to toughen my bone

and then I fully blossom.”

Answer: ________________

“Though little and tiny I may seem,

Thou must not let me touch thy skin

For once I pierce you, you will dread

For I can make you seem like dead.”

Answer: ________________

“When noticed I drift slower,

Ignore me and I go faster

From the end of all that and beginning of all things

It is I who can tell what your future brings.”

Answer: _________________

“Which is this that the earth fears?

When it’s too much, it dries all tears

Arirves one way, disappears the other

And when it’s gone, it kills all laughter.”

Answer: _________________

If ever you would want to use these for yourselves, then by all means, go right ahead. But please, don’t forget to cite me or my blogsite.